Racelite Designs Porsche Cayman 718 Yellow Headlamp Kit

Racelite Designs introduces the yellow headlamp kit for Porsche Cayman 718 models.  Developed through our Motorsport roots, Racelite Designs has been a supplier for GT teams across the globe that require yellow headlamp film for GT classification purposes.

Everything you'll need to install your yellow headlamp's are included within our kit.  There's two options to choose from when selecting your yellow headlamp kit.

  • Pre-Cut Option:This includes a pair of pre-cut headlamps out of our yellow headlamp film. Precision cut to fit each specific Porsche model headlamp.
  • Raw Material Option:This includes raw material for users to cut to size and trim on the headlamp after installation. Raw material is going to be an easier install process since shape retention and alignment with install can be avoided however, for street car applications, we do not recommend cutting on your headlamps.

We've seen an increase in the number of street car customers using our headlamp films throughout the USA & Europe. We ask that you check with your state and country laws before installing headlamp film as Racelite Designs is not responsible.

Racelite Designs is not responsible for any damages that could occur with improper installs with our yellow headlamp kits.  We ask that you seek professional installation help if you're inexperienced with graphic installs.

Racelite Designs yellow headlamp kits are not intended to be used as headlamp protection, nor do our materials have similar adhesive properties like that of Paint Protection Film (PPF - Clear Bra).  We do not recommend using paint protection film on Porsche headlamp housings due to the amount of adhesive force and the required stretch to install such materials.


  • Yellow Headlamp (Pre-Cut or Raw Material)
  • Installation Squeegee
  • Installation Solution Spray
  • Made in USA