Racelite Designs Arai Shield Driver Tool

Racelite Designs introduces the Shield Driver Tool for Arai Helmet users. 

Stop using those massive flat head screwdrivers out of the teams toolbox! You know, the ones that almost always leave a nasty gouge mark in the Arai shield hardware.

We designed a simple yet effective driver tool for taking off your shield without ruining the precious hardware we polish after ever race weekend! Small enough to stash in your helmet bag and light enough to keep with your gear during the season. The size of the driver handle was made to a specific size not to over-tighten and risk cross-threading or damaging the inserts in the helmet.  

Made out of a durable polymer handle and coated steel tooling, easily remove or install your shield without bumming odd end flat heads from your team!


  • Driver handle made of durable red polymer 
  • Coated steel tooling 
  • Fits hardware made specifically for Arai Helmet shields
  • Laser etched/filled Racelite Designs logo in driver handle 
  • Made in USA