OPTISHIELD Tearoff System For AIM SmartyCam HD Series

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Racelite Designs - OPTISHIELD Tearoff System For AIM SmartyCam HD Series
Optishield Actions Sports Camera Lens Defender Tearoff System For AiM SmartyCam HD Series. 
Compatible Models:
  • AiM SmartyCam HD  

Kit Includes:

  • One convenient tearoff sheet containing the Optishield Lens Defenders
  • One cleaning tab to remove any dust from the screen prior to installation along with 3 positioning tabs for easy installation to align each layer perfectly.


Let's face it, the places we use our action sports cameras are in some of the gnarliest conditions. Would you rather stop what you're doing to replace a lens housing or replace a lens screen risking the possibilities of getting the camera body itself wet or damaging the lens with it being exposed to natures elements?  Have you ever looked into the process of replacing a lens cover on a case?  You'll need a tool kit, a clean work space so nothing is lost like the tiny torx style screws you have to remove, o-ring set depending on the camera model, etc. 

"But my action sports camera already has a case that covers the lens." Yes, that is true however, they can still get scratched and have to replaced so it doesn't affect image quality.  Have you noticed all those microscopic pits accumulating on the front lens housing?  Those are called glass pits and can affect your video quality by looking like a dirty filter when it comes time to edit.     

The Optishield Action Sports Camera Lens Defender Tearoff System allows any user to easily protect their camera lens with a cost effective, disposable tearoff system without losing optical clarity and without having to replace parts from the manufacturer.  From enthusiasts just using the camera for fun, to professional athletes using them to film what they love to do!  Have a sense that your investment is protected.  

The Optishield Action Sports Camera Lens Defender tearoff system is applied in a series of 1 base layer, to protect the lens from dirt, debris and scratches. A second layer of OptiShield is applied on top of the base layer which enables users to keep the lens clean while offering users the option to use as a throw-away tearoff layer when the tearoff becomes damaged. 

Spend less time replacing cases or ruining your footage because of stubborn pits, scratches or debris on your lens.