Why Choose Racelite Protection?


Thank you for choosing RACELITE PROTECTION products as your source for driver protection coverage. RLP takes great pride in driver safety, delivering a product developed exclusively by racers and tailored to fit within O.E. specifications that are manufactured and handled all within the United States. By supporting our local market and building relations with American based suppliers, we’re able to provide the best protection materials on the market today.       - Protect Your Investment & Enjoy The Ride.  


  • RACELITE PROTECTION designs every product to fit within each applications O.E. specifications. Each applications design contouring with the shape of the helmet reduces wind buffer while protecting the visor from potentially becoming damaged.
  • RACELITE PROTECTION uses a UV blocking, ballistic material made specifically for optical use with applications ranging from Medical, Military and Electronic use.
  • Unlike other brands using non UV blocking substrates, most commonly used for printing applications, sometimes sandwiched between layers of adhesive, reducing optical clarity and peripheral vision due to the proprietary tightening of the pivot screws found on all Motorsport helmet shields and are imported and manufactured outside of the USA sourcing cheaper quality materials.
  • The durability of a single RLP tearoff compared to other models on the market today will last you longer than an entire packet of generic one-size-fits-all models available.
  • By installing 5 layers of RACELITE PROTECTION tearoffs, a driver increases protection coverage up to 50 mil of added protection without losing optical clarity.
  • More champions choose RACELITE PROTECTION. The reason why? We listened to what they wanted and developed the product exclusively around the input from professional drivers around the globe.
  • Our dual pull tab design allows for easier installation. Users can install without folding each tab, giving the driver the option of removal from either side.