Racelite Designs Arai Tearoff Wrench

Racelite Designs introduces the Tearoff Wrench for Arai Helmet users. Ever find it difficult when installing tearoffs to your Arai shield when the post anchors are too tight?

We designed a simple yet effective wrench for turning the post anchors without the hassle of removing your shield, unscrewing the post anchor from the backside or, pinching your fingers trying to manually rotate them. 

Made out of a durable polymer, easily turn the post anchors with a proprietary post anchor cut out within the RLD wrench design for effective tightening.   


  • Made out of machined durable black polymer material
  • Proprietary Arai post anchor cutout in wrench design
  • Laser etched Racelite Designs logo in wrench handle 
  • Made in USA
*** may be minor aesthetic finish variations in tooling from machining & handling ***